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Seventh Framework Programme FP7


Maaximus Virtual Platform

MAAXIMUS will deliver a multi-skill framework for the fast development of composite airframes, with a wide spectrum of advanced capabilities :


  • Predictive capabilities from material properties and allowables of structural details and panels behaviour up to full-scale barrel behaviour
  • Multi-objective and multi-scale design optimization capabilities
  • Innovative composite structure optimisation enablers
  • 109 Degrees of freedom solver capabilities in Non-Linear range
  • Multi scale damage modelling techniques
  • Close loop between design, analysis, manufacturing, NDI testing

The MAAXIMUS Virtual Platform will allow faster identification and earlier validation of the best solutions.

Maaximus Physical Platform

The MAAXIMUS Physical Platform will allow the development and validation of the appropriate composite technologies for low-weight and high production rate aircraft. It will deliver a new set of manufacturing and assembly capabilities, balancing weight - cost - production rate criteria:


  • Highly integrated sub-components and shimming-optimised subcomponent assembly, with test demonstration of structural details and panels
  • Automatic section measurements for right-first-time best-fit positioning and assembly
  • Manufacturing of two one-shot fuselage sections and automatic assembly into one barrel
  • In-depth testing of the barrel, including fatigue and damage tolerance, static strength up to failure

MAAXIMUS Virtual and Physical Platforms will be developed in a fully synchronized manner, to ensure coherency between their specific and dependent achievements.